Asheville Soap & Sundry Co. is a small family business in Asheville, NC. Having made a start with olive oil-based bath soaps in 2008, we have recently expanded to include solid shampoo bars and a growing line of natural cosmetics, which we are now excited to present to you on-line.

Surrounded by nature as we are, we feel dedicated to natural ingredients and sustainable, minimal packaging, always buying locally and chemical-free, or growing botanicals organically on our small farm whenever possible.

We feel particularly drawn to the fascinating art of blending scents to incorporate into our soaps and cosmetics. The sense of smell is our most deep-seated of senses, and just a few molecules in the air can call forth strong emotions, evoke long-lost memories, make an impression on others, or just make us feel good about ourselves. So we have done our best to make sure that our products, made by hand in small batches, contain the finest plant-derived base oils, essential oils, and herbal additives available.

We hope you like them.



Mernie Wortham – Owner

Mernie Wortham - Owner of Budabotanicals

“I fully believe that a day that begins with a wonderful bar of soap is just a better day. To this end I have learned to make a wonderful bar of soap and a few other products along the way. The journey from us to you continues to be really fun. Your feedback is always welcome.”

Anton van Duuren – Bookkeeper

Anton van Duuren - Budabotanicals bookkeeper

When he is not busy with green building construction and taking care of our small farm, he is our financial guru. He is fierce – down to the penny. Also, he carries all the heavy stuff and is excellent at spelling and grammar.