Our all-natural body soaps are made in small batches using the cold process technique. Each base oil is selected for its specific properties to produce the best mix of texture, cleansing, lather and moisturizing qualities.

Olive oil – The standard base oil in a castile soap and many cold process soap recipes; important for moisturizing and making a firm bar.
Coconut oil – Used for its ability to create a stable lather; balances the more emollient oils with a slightly drying tendency.
Palm kernel oil – Solid at room temperature, helps to create a long-lasting bar with lots of glycerin and a quick fluffy lather.
Cocoa butter – Helpful in giving the soap a firm texture, and is a well-known skin softener.
Rice bran oil – A moisturizing ingredient with strong anti-oxidant properties.
Shea butter – Added in small amounts as a superfatting agent, it creates a soap with a luxurious feel.

***As with all personal hygiene and skincare products, if you are prone to allergies, please test on a small patch of skin before using.***